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A day in the life-sorry, I don,t know how to do a read more thing. It is long!

1:30 am Mackenzie wakes for a feed. What the?! Back to sleep within 45 mins, so I et back to sleep pretty quickly.
5:10 Bad kisses me goodbye-barely noticed him wake up!
6:45 Kenzie wakes for a feed. I bring her into my bed and we both fall asleep after only one side.
8:00 whoops, late start! Kenzie wakes up for the other side, I change her nappy and put her in the bouncer.
8:30 Get Lexi up and nappy changed, then make our breakfast-porridge and Jarrah vienna coffee for me, weetbix and “tea” for her.
9:00 Put Kenzie down for a nap then make beds, put on a load of washing and sweep floors.
10:00 Settle Lexi with some Yo Gabba Gabba so I can have a shower and get ready for the day.
10:30 Get Lexi dressed and give her a snack (banana) then relax for a while. Tumblr!
11:30 Check on Mackenzie. Still asleep. What is this magic?
11:45 Kenzie wakes for a feed, change, then a bit of tummy time on Mummy. Lexi is watching Sesame Street and playing with her animals.
12:30 Play mat for Kenzie, then I make lunch-sandwiches for Lexi and I. Put on another load of washing, hang up first load. Lexi has been so cute today, getting things for me with a big grin, cuddling Kenzie.
1:10 Warm milk then nap time for Lexi, then wrap Kenzie and put her down. Omg, both girls down at the same time. Buffy and bad snacks for Mummy! Have found Lexi playing with the power point switches in her room twice and out her back to bed. Fights naps when tired. Why?!
2:15 Kenzie wakes for a feed, a bit early. I think she is having a growth spurt.
2:45 Lexi is still awake, so I get her up and she is happy enough to play. I clean the mirrors and all the windows on the inside.
3:15 Brad gets home from work. Brad and Lexi play on our bed with Kenzie watching while I get the girls’ bags ready.
4:30 Get to Mum’s house and we hang out.
5:15 Feed Mackenzie while Brad naps on the lounge, Dave (my Step Dad) watches Lexi and Mum cooks dinner. Lexi spills rice on the floor while Mum is trying to fill the container.
5:45 We had tea (beef and green veg stir fry) then Brad bathes Lexi while I put Kenzie down for a sleep then chat with Mum and Dave.
6:30 Brad puts Lexi to bed and she is being awful, I think her teeth are bothering her, but she falls asleep.
7:30 Kenzie wakes up for a feed (early)
8:00 Lexi wakes up screaming and I am pretty sure it is her teeth. We take the girls home, put the girls to bed, then chill out in the lounge, after feeding the pets.
8:30 Watch Good Game and Tumbl, then watch some Red Dwarf before heading to bed for cuddles.

Pretty boring!

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