Oooh Pretties!

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mommamountain asked: All the even numbers ! ^-^

Your fondest memory? Seeing each of my girls for the first time.

A letter to the person that hurt you the most? Go fuck yourself and stay out of my life. I don’t want you near me or mine.

Most embarrassing moment? Not getting to the toilet in time and wetting my pants when I was 6. I was so busting, I could’t get the toilet lid up and I just wet my pants. I balled! :(

You best and worst qualities? Hmm, best-I can be extremely loving. Worst would be my short temper.

Three turn ons and three turn offs. Ons- neck biting, good aftershave, strong arms. Offs- a moustache so long it gets in my mouth when kissing, beer breath, dirty hair ( i like to run my hands in hair so it had better be clean!)

Favourite movies, bands and shows? Movies- Harry Potter, Die Hard, the labyrinth, Willow, The Last Boy Scout….
Bands-Led Zeppelin, Metallica, Mastodon, Machine Head, Devil Driver, anything to do with Devin Townsend….
Shows- basically all of the Whedonverse, Supernatural, The Gilmore Girls… I could go on.

Views on drugs- life wreckers. Kinda stupid, but I am not going to boss anyone around, unless it is in my house. I don’t want it near my girls.

Your biggest fears? My girls dying. I always think the worst-what if we had a car accident, etc.

Reason you last cried? I was watching the last episode of Buffy. Real cried would be about Brad’s Granddad dying though.

Describe your first heartbreak. I have only ever been in love once (with Brad) so I have never had it broken romantically. So, probably when I was 10 and my oldest sister committed suicide. My heart remains broken.

A bad habit you have? I bite and pick the skin around my nails. It is gross, but I can’t stop.

Where you want to be in five years? Married to Brad, our house finally complete (library and the yards are a work in progress) and happy.


  1. lostpoeticethic said: Oh god, I am so sorry about your sister.
  2. mommamountain said: TOO LONG MOUSTACHE KISSES ARE THE WORRRSSTTT!! fully agree. 100%
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