Oooh Pretties!

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    In the back of a Truck out of Parris Island S.C. on the way to Michigan. Somewhere within the first 4 hours of that...
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    My bed on cinco de mayo.
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    ON an air mattress ( Our only bed at the time.) The night I proposed. Dec. 13, 2010.
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    All 3 of my kids were conceived in a bed (boring) but all 3 were also drunken conceptions. The baby I’m pregnant with...
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    In the bed after a night of margaritas!! DRUNKEN CONCEPTION!!!
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    Dorm room/suite livingroom/shower…not quite sure. It was a fun weekend.
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    My parents living room floor.
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    OH WAIT this said WHERE I misread It was on a couch -_-…on Jake’s birthday
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    ed’s bed, sometimes during spring break. 2011…
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    In the backseat at a drive in movie, oh lord
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    oour little baby was conceived in the back seat of my moms car haha.
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    In our bed. We’re boring haha
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    Sam was conceived either in the woods (we went camping) the bedroom or the bathroom. Im not really sure. Chelsea was...
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    Bah, Melanie was conceived in the back seat of our ford explorer as it was driving. Skylar was conceived in either the...
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    Moms guest house on christmas.
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    definitely on an air mattress, after colby got back from deployment, haha.
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    Hehe this is a good post! My little bean was conceived on a trip to a ski chalet for a friends birthday. We had been...
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    Brennan was conceived either on my Nana’s sunroom floor, or in her bed.. As disturbing as that is. We were staying with...
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    i’m boring too. ahimsa was conceived in our bed on thanksgiving last year.
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    We are boring. Both of our were conceived on our bed.
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    Under a tree in boyfriends brothers yard. meh.
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