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Arabella &Mama: Breastfeeding in a Public Restaurant






So, I literally got into an argument with my mother about this the other day. We were out to breakfast when a woman at the table next to us began breastfeeding her child without a covering.

Me, being me, was disturbed and quietly said to my mom “she shouldn’t be doing that out in the open for everyone to see.” My mom being her witty self decided to respond cleverly to me by saying… “it’s natural, she should have every right to do that!”

OP is an ignorant idiot. I’ll feed my child where ever I want! Breasts were made for that and sex/nudity/masturbation are nowhere near the same thing as breastfeeding. 

i breastfeed my daughter anywhere and everywhere. I never use a cover (i am pretty good at being discreet though) and I have never had an issue, granted I wouldn’t care if I did’s not like my boob is all the way out or anything and besides, it is their main purpose!

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    Only in America I’d have to say. Other people and other parts of the world doing breast feeding in public and nobody...
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    think it’s only decent...use a covering, or at least find
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    She didn’t say she was opposed...public, she said without a covering.
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    I’m not Republican, and I don’t think all Republicans are like that (at least, my Republican friends aren’t). No, I...
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    Breastfeeding in a Public Restaurant...It’s this kind...shit...
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    wow i used to think republicans care about babies but now it’s like literally the second you get out of the birth canal...
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    If you can’t see a difference between sex, nudity and masturbation, and feeding a hungry infant, you probably don’t...
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