Oooh Pretties!

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At Ikea, we spent over $500!! :/

We got Lexi a toddler bed (which we realised when we home and started assembling, after taking her cot down, that you ave to buy the slats separately, and now we have to go back there today’) mattress, child sized table and chairs, a storage unit with drawers for toys, a stepping stool, a long mirror for my room (finally) and some other bits and pieces.productive, as we needed all of it.

On another note, Mackenzie has been having a growth spurt and only sleeping 5 hours at a time at night. It seems to be over now, and she did 9 hors last night. Thankfully, because I have had another headache!

  1. misskitschandmasterrex said: When you mentioned Ikea the other day you got me in the mood and I went yesterday. I spend $150 which was bad enough. That sucks about the slats lol
  2. lostpoeticethic said: Omg, i’d be thrilled if elliot slept 5 hour at a time, ahah. He still wakes every 2-3 hours for feeds.
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